Thursday, 4 July 2013



Learning about fruits is one of the interest lessons among the kids. Eat fruits to stay healthy is the idea behind this lesson.

Students will:-
  • identify the names of fruits
  • learn which fruits grow on a tree, on a vine, or in the ground.
  • describe each fruit by its physical attributes
  • understand that  the fruits are the part of a healthy diet, supplying essential vitamins and minerals that all we need.

        We do many activities for a week to enhance the knowledge on this topic
  • Select 10 common fruits                

  • Arrange samples of those fruits (Real, Plastic or cut outs of fruits) to introduce each fruit.

  • Ask kids, the name of each food, discuss the physical attributes of each (color, shape, texture, taste, etc.), and discuss how each fruit grows (on a tree, on a vine, and in the ground)


· Let kids learn to recognize the fruit’s names using flash cards .These flash cards are mend to teach kids how the words are written and how the fruits look

  • Ask the Kids what their favourite fruit is. Create a chart that shows everyone’s favourite. Then count what the most favourite fruit is. Hang the chart on the wall.
  • Provide kids with different types of fruits. Some examples are Mango, watermelon, apple, and grapes, and ask to sort out them as one seed, few seeds or many seeds.

  • Teach about colours of the fruits with colouring pages (Red Apples, Bananas are yellow in colour)
  • Sing a song for each fruit. (Thanks for Rhyme4Kids, These songs are easy to sing)
·         Fruit Print- Kids use fruits to create prints. They dip fruits into paint and stamp them onto paper in random or ordered patterns
·         Fruit paper collage
·         Fingerprint fruits
*       Kids wear hats decorated with plastic fruits


  • Kids can bring one favourite to make fruit salad 
  • Encourage kids to smell, touch and describe the qualities of each one
  • Teacher mixes all into a delicious fruit salad and kids got a taste of a variety of fruits

  • Cut up fresh fruit slices for kids to have as a snack
  • Kids learn that the importance of washing fruits before eating and care to be taken while cutting them
  *  Fruit market is other activity can do as a dramatic play
  *  A visit to the supermarket: Supermarkets carry a wide range of fruits as well as fruit products. The kids will realize that these fruit products can be in different forms: Fresh, frozen and dried and store in different manner. Purchase some fruit products and give a chance to taste them. The Kids will understand that there are several fruit products, all of which can contribute to making a healthy diet.

      * One of my colleagues made these fruit carvings, just for a display.


           (Thank you so much for lovely images in flickr and wikimedia commons, all credit goes to photographers)



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