Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Days of the Week is an important lesson in which kids will be introduced to the names and sequence of the seven days of the week. There are many activities to teach this lesson.
I made these flashcards/word walls and the chart for my children.
 It will be easy to begin with the song about days of the week, while using these cards and the chart. Children simply need to hear the names and order of the days of the week over and over until they can recite these themselves. Then children will understand that there seven days in a week, and every day is important to us in day to day life.

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Kindergarten-Days of the week by Nilangi Vithanage

Kindergarten-Days of the week by Nilangi Vithanage

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  1. Hi Nilangi! I am so glad you invited me to your blog! You have so many great activities! Thank you for sharing them! :) I am your newest follower!
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  2. Thanks Carolyn,You made me happy.of course you are welcome to my blog. I am really band new for blogging.still I am learning.KIT.

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  5. Hi Nilangi. I love your colorful resources and your blog is beautiful. I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog, sorry. Comment again if you want. I am following your blog.

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