Friday, 20 September 2013


The Best place to find some new things is pinterest. While pining some of melted crayons art, I was really inspired by them. I thought it would be perfect way to use those cheap brand crayons which are in my crayon box and it’s something I could do with my daughter. Look, what we came up with, love it.



What you need

* Crayons (I used my old crayons)
* A4 Papers (I have seen many of them had used canvas boards)
* Candle
* Pencil
* Black Marker 

Here‘s how you can make this colorful, easy craft
  • First you need to sketch your picture using pencil on A4 paper and then draw with black marker                           


  • Select crayons according to your picture
  • Melt the tip of crayon (Make sure to remove crayon wrappers before you start) and drip on the picture.
  • Heat and drip till the whole picture covered up with dots
 This is a fun activity for kids, but with adult supervision as the craft involves fire. Of course I was sitting with my daughter to make sure she stays safe.If you try this craft,pls send me a link,I love to see!

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