Saturday, 15 June 2013


These masks created with recycle materials

                                                  1. Crushed egg shells


* Select the mask pattern(Cut and keep ready for the next step)
* white egg shells (I crush them to small bits)
    If needed can add food colours,Then wait till dry )
* Use any craft glue to paste
*Last, use any glitter glue for decoration
Similar coloured egg shells crafts


                                     2. Old cloth pieces


* Select the mask pattern( I found this butterfly mask from google images and took printout,pasted on a piece of card)
*Cut the pattern and set it aside.
*Take cloth pieces and cut according to the shapes(Any colour cloths ,whatever you happen to have on your hand)
*use craft  glue to paste(you need lots of patience to paste these cloth pieces)
 *Allow it to dry
* Trim off any excess cloth that went over the edge.
*Piece of craft wire for antenna
                                           3. Grains


*This mask pattern was from  one of my craft books
*I pasted  dhal, green grams,sago,mustard seeds and rice on it using craft glue
* I just coloured rice with red food colour
 *This mask also require lots of patience to complete
Don’t throw it away, it can be used in some other way