Thursday, 20 June 2013



For the first term of the school, we always teach about colours. While most of the children recognize the colours and many of them cannot recognize the colour names when they see.

This went as a celebration for a week .We taught two colours for a day and rainbow colours for the last day. 

Day 1- Red & Blue
Day 2 -   Yellow & Brown
Day 3 -   Green & Pink
Day 4 -   Orange & Purple
                  Day 5 - RAINBOWcolours alone with White and Black

Daily Activities

  • Basic introduction about  the colour with objects
  • Children dressed up with colour T shirts
  • Listen to the colour songs and sing them for multiple times
Thanks for all the Color Word Songs by by Frog Street Press ( & & Hi-5 rainbow 'round the world
  • Colouring and Craft activities        
                                THE WORLD IS A RAINBOW

                 COLOUR YOUR WORLD WITH








  1. Dear Teacher, Your way and method of teaching , by getting into the heart of students is really appreciated..Wish this blog will open a new window of continuous learning..